New Machine Build: Forklift Mast Rotator

This Winter shutdown season, we installed a new forklift mast rotation machine for Toyota Industrial Equipment in Columbus, Indiana. Prioritizing safety without sacrificing speed, this machine manipulates extremely heavy masts 180 degrees in under 10 seconds flat!




Beginning with a quick barcode scan to recall clamp location data and move the servos into position, masts are transferred into the loading zone on powered conveyor rollers, until photo-eye sensors for slowdown and stop are cleared. The conveyor assembly then automatically transfers inward, lowers and returns back to home position, leaving the mast nested on clamping arms with soft urethane rubber padding. Once pneumatic cylinders from above clamp the mast firmly, the entire rotation assembly is quickly spun in place 180 degrees. The cylinder clamps depressurize, lowering the mast to ergonomic height for pick-up -.. while the clamping arms (now on top) swing 90 degrees out of the way for easy access Once the mast is removed and all light curtains are cleared, the machine returns to home position, ready to repeat the process over again up to 150 times a day.




We put a great amount of care into our control panels as well. Every TOA SE control panel is wired neatly, labeled clearly and tailored to your specification. Let us handle your upgrade or new machine build for equipment you can take pride in. 




New Machine Build: Heavy-Duty Counterweight Conveyor

Recently designed, built and installed for Toyota Industrial Equipment, this large pallet conveyor delivers high-mass forklift counterweights to the main assembly line for installation, and features the latest in Omron safety and automation.


cv2 lr


Each of the eight pallet sections is rated for up to 7,500 lbs., With each driven by an Omron MX2 VFD controller. A right-angle chain transfer is located at the end to send empty carriers back to the front of the conveyor for pick- up. Muted Sick C4000 Fusion light curtains along the mid -section are muted to stop unexpected intrusion, and a Keyence SZ-04M safety scanner at the transfer prevents any human entry while running in full-auto. Heavy-duty steel bumpers guard against forklift damage at delivery and pick-up. Slipnot metal safety flooring is integrated between rollers for safe maintenance access.


cv3 lr


Andon: Real-time Production Monitoring

main andon


One of our specialties is integrating Andon systems, which display real-time production information for virtually any manufacturing line. These large, overhead monitors are custom-programmed to fit any need, using high-definition, high-contrast displays to maximize visibility, and melody horns to attract attention.


andon screenshot web


Paired with a wireless remote system to signal process completion or issue notification, team leaders and line managers can respond quickly to calls, delays or stoppages. These monitors can also be tied into a database for tracking records, finding averages and identifying production trends. Because line activity is instantly dispersed to all involved personnel, downtime, response time and recurring issues are greatly reduced.


 electric line andon


New Machine Build: Three-level Pallet Transfer Conveyor

Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky is the award-winning producer of the best-selling car in North America. As increased production necessitates increased capability,  Toyota requested TOA SE to design and build a conveyor that automatically allocates and delivers different parts from an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to a robot cell.

Camshaft Conveyor Drawing

Featuring three individual powered levels of conveyance accessed by elevator, this custom designed conveyor was built in the span of just one month at our shop in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The two upper levels respectively transfer two different part types from AGV to robot cell, while empty pallets queue on the lower level. Empty pallets are then raised two at a time by air cylinders and transferred back to the AGV.


TOA SE at IMTS 2016!

TOA SE is proud to announce we will be exhibiting at IMTS 2016!



As the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America, IMTS has become a staple of innovation and celebration of new and exciting industry developments for over 80 years. This will be TOA SE’s first time exhibiting and we would love for you to join us. Find us in the East Building at booth 5909!


Directions: From concourse, walk straight to back wall and turn left.